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Painted advertisement on the tarpaulin

Painting, from the practical point of view, is the most common method used to apply simple graphics, such as text or logo.

Reklama malowana na plandekach

The use of large format plotter for manufacturing the templates, allows us to perform impressive size of the image, even on the whole surface of the tilt. Painting is done with high quality screen-printing paints, so that we can achieve durable and remarkable results. This kind of method can be also performed on a used tarpaulin , after appropriate preparation of the fabric.


The most important attribute of this painting technique is extraordinary resistance for outdoor use. During performing of our realisations we put a high focus on maximizing the resistance to fading of color, so that we can achieve a high quality of advertisement.

Also a significant value of the paint we are using is the chemical resistance as well as the mechanical resistance, specially for factors used in the car washes, or enviromental influences( e.g. soot from the exhaust).

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