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Tarpaulins with burglary protection

To make our tarpaulins resistant to undesirable situations, we protect the sides of the curtain with a flexible steel tape.

This burglary-resistant system, consists of 1,5mm steel cable, which is welded to the inside of the side curtain by means of a special protective strap.The system is very flexible and provides high ease of use.

You can make an order for only welding of steel cable and secure it and used tarpaulin, or the realization of a finished tarpaulin, with a possibility of assembly at a specified location.The burglary-resistant system is also intended for installation on the roofs of trailers. 

The system substantially solves the problem of cargo burglary , while minimizing the risk of damage to the covers. Use of this product as a preventive measure is related with some benefits. It is recommended that you contact your insurance company to establish potential discounts due to the reduced risk of theft from using this system.  

The pattern of the steel cables is determined in consultation with the customer. Standard spacings include: 100x100mm, 150x150mm, 200,200mm, 300x300mm. The height can be determined by the user. A recommended height of the system is 1500mm from the bottom of the curtain.

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