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High Frequency Welding (HF)

The most important production stage when making protective covers is welding. We have a high focus on the quality of the welding process because the strength and durability of the weld helps to secure the required protection of resources and materials. The welding is done by electrodes and is computer controlled. The electrodes are connected to high-frequency current and a special controller device monitors the power and welding time to obtain the highest quality welds. We achieve the highest quality with advanced technology and high grade materials.

Hot air welding of PCV and PE

We are in possition of modern welding machines of Leister Group with a width of 40mm seal guaranteeing strong weld. Variable instrumentation allows us to weld zippers (keder) in to the tarpaulin, as well as efficiently and accurately eversion and welding edges of the canvas. We have modern welding machines produced by Leister Group with a 40mm seal width guaranteeing a strong weld. Variable instrumentation allows to weld zippers (keder) in to the tarpaulin.

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